Symbiot Sportback

Traditional packs can hinder your movement. So we cut out the excess leaving you with a more purposeful and effective design. While traditional packs are great for keeping things on your back, when it comes to support, comfort, and control while running or hiking along broken terrain, a vest harness is just a better idea.

Sportback Features:
-Upper Torso Pack- Sportback fits across the upper back and shoulders leaving the lower half of you back room to move and breath.
-Vest Harness System- Sportback’s harness system offers four adjustment points located on the shoulder and the chest to give you maximum comfort and control.
-Back Panel- A framework of specialized padding maintains support while a series of channels and performance mesh circulates air to keep your body cool and active.
-Personalized Fit- The Sportback offers three sizes (S-M-L) to fit your unique body frame.
-Hydration Pouch Ready- Within the main compartment you’ll find a dedicated spot for almost any one liter water bladder and a series of holes to run your tubing out.
-Compression Flap- While you can organize your gear inside this pocket it also doubles as an exterior cargo hold for bulkier items that may not fit in the main compartment.
-Storage- Two chest pockets for easy access to you music, food, phone, and more. Plus three more pockets in the back for the things you’ll need later.

Weight: 1.75bs
Volume: 200 cu in
Materials: Waterproof nylon, Neoprene, Wickable poly mesh
Three Sizes Available:
Small – 35-37” chest
Meduim – 38-40” chest
Large – 41-43’ chest